Route Card Template

A route card is a document used for safety measures, generating the planning, showing your planned route and it is completed before setting out on a journey or for travelling. It is also as a navigational aid usually to hill walkers by setting out step by step plan for a hike. The card helps to reduce the risk of losing your way on the hills and provide you with an estimate of your walk times and distances. Making a route card can be tricky and requires a bit patience. It is very important that the points of your route cards Read More?

Business card Template 2

Business Card Templates

A business card is a small card printed which displays contact information of an individual employed by an organization. Basically these cards include an individual’s name, email address, phone number, company name and website.These cards are used for mutual relationship with other companies and individuals for business or for future development. It is the main source of information from which other companies or customers contact to the company. Generally the business cards are an effective networking tool for professionals and also act as a promotional tool for a business. It is a tactical object that you can use to provide Read More?

ID Card Template

An ID card is an official document or card with your name, address, date of birth, photograph or other personal information and serve as official proof of their identity. Id card is also known as identity card and it is usually the size of ATM card. This is the most important document for any individual because it represents you and your religion and your country where ever you go in and out of the country. It is essential is every part of life because it gives out information that who you are and also indicates that where from you are. Read More?

School Report Card Template

A school report card communicates a student’s performance academically and usually it is issued by school to the parents of student twice to four times in a year. Normally these cards are used in grading scale to conclude the quality of a student’s school work. Nowadays the report cards are commonly issued in automated form by computer or may be sent through email to the parents. The standard report cards included a section for teachers to record individual comment about the performance and behavior of the student. The main purpose of the report card is to inform student’s parents to Read More?

Thank-you-Card-Template 1

Thank You Card Templates

A thank you is a conventional expression of gratitude used to show appreciation for something or acknowledging a gift, service or accepting and refusing an offer. A Thank you card template is type of correspondence in which the writer expresses gratefulness for a present, service or any opportunity. Generally the card is used to express appreciation to another and it should be written as a standard business letter or personal letter. First key step when preparing to right a thank you card is sit for a moment then set your mood and consider your relationship with the individual whom you Read More?


Birthday Card Templates

A birthday is the anniversary of the day on which an individual was born and generally it is treated as occasion for celebration. A birthday card is a type of greeting card which is sent on someone’s birthday to celebrate. Usually it is a piece of paper or thin cardboard having any variety of shapes or formats and bearing greeting or message of emotions. These birthday card templates are one of the most usable greeting cards because everyone has a birthday every year. Traditionally a birthday card has been a medium to express love, passion, fondness, care and lot of Read More?

Task Card Template

A task card is a card in which a written description of an activity or assignment or a guideline indicating how task is performed. These cards are highly motivating and effecting teaching instrument which can be used across the program. Generally they are great activity to any learning center and they are also very effective for the student who need a little extra effort in a given area Usually these cards are simple and practical tool strategy to integrate into your classroom. The task cards are designed in such a way that they encourage problem solving, reflection, inquiry, communication and Read More?

2 Best Greeting Card Templates

Greeting parties are the best source of communication and enhancing social relations. Greeting is an act of announcement in which we can make presence in order to know each other and show our attentions. In greeting parties’ public comes individually or in group form to wish someone special in this way they contact to each other. These greeting may depend on cultural and social status. Greeting Card Template plays a significant role to make important to these event and celebrations. Greeting and happiness can be expressed in both physical and audible form. Event parties and functions are the finest example Read More?