Blank Invoice Templates

A blank invoice is an invoice that can be a valuable asset if your business regularly buys or sells products or services. Merely put an invoice is a proper way to bill a customer. Apart from acting as a bill an invoice can also act as receipt and offering an easy way to keep track of your business trade. Generally all purchases are different so any blank invoice will need to be adjustable. A blank invoice can also help to include applicable taxes, discounts or fees and also having the name, date, description of the goods which can help you Read More?

Tax Invoice Templates

A tax invoice is a legal document that is issued by a registered dealer to the purchaser in an event of a sale which shows the amount of tax payable. It is an ordinary format invoice required under GST system. A tax invoice also shows the GST on the products and services provided. Generally a tax invoice must be issued within 21 days from the time of supply goods. A tax invoice is very important because it is used in day to day operations of the business and it is also the primary evidence to support an input tax credit Read More?


5 Best Service Invoice Templates

Invoice is the most essential part of the business. It can be made for diverse purposes. It helps people to save their business as well as personal record in written form. There is no significant format for invoice preparation. It can be composed in different pattern and forms include diverse items according to the requirement. A perfect and complete invoice consists of all necessary components. Invoice components are based on three components such as Invoice number, due date and total amount. In a perfect invoice it’s all components should be clear and in legible manners. This service invoice template is Read More?

Expense Invoice Template

An expense invoice template is an archive that provides vital financial information delineating an exchange between two parties. It is set up by the merchant after any items or administrations have been purchased by the clients. The expense invoice format incorporates the date of the transaction, list of the products or services, method implied for the transaction, name of the vendor and name of the buyer too. Normally an expense invoice format is machine printed yet in the event that it is prepared by hand, it should likewise incorporate every one of the subtle elements of the exchange furthermore marked Read More?