Tri-Fold Brochure Templates

A Trifled Template consists of three folding parts. Basically this template or flyer is composed on one page but it is divided in three steps. One single page or pamphlet is divided in portions by folding. Its first folding is called cover page or title of folding template. It consists on title image and name of the theme. Tri-fold Brochures second portion consists of contents and its basics functions. Its third part usually consists of short images with some text. You can place company logo at the last page of the template however some people place their logo at the Read More?

Conference Agenda Template

Conference agenda template refers to the archive that states the key points that are to be discussed in a conference by different presenters. Conferences are held in order to let the people who have the knowledge on the particular topic, share it with others. Conference agenda give briefs about the outlines and topics to be discussed or presented in the conference. Having a well-planned conference agenda ahead of a conference is essential to get potentially positive results from the conference. Conference agenda format is usually set in advance by the conference managers and the hosts and it is important that Read More?

Custody Agreement Template

A custody agreement template generally describes the terms and conditions for the custody of an asset. Sometimes a property is handover to somebody by the actual owner due to some personal or legal reasons; such matters are generally handled by writing them down in the form of a custody agreement template. These agreements hold legal value and can be presented in the court if a dispute arises between both parties. There are certain situations and benefits associated to the issuance of a custody agreement. One such situation is when a company decides to retire and the owner hands it over Read More?

Settlement Agreement Template

In a settlement agreement format, the contract is based upon the condition that one of the parties forgoes its ability to sue. In terms of law, the settlement is an agreement that two conflicting parties decide upon a legal case which may be incurred before or after a legal hearing. A settlement is etched when the both, the plaintiff(s) and the defendant(s), identified in the court case choose to end their dispute among themselves without a trial. The contract made between the two parties through a settlement agreement format is settled under some conditions. Sometimes, the settlement is decided when Read More?

Confidentiality Agreement Sample

A confidentiality agreement sample is a legal contract set between two or more individuals or companies. The document is a synopsis of confidential knowledge, information or material that the parties share with each other for certain reasons but also wants to block its access from third parties. This type of contract is also known as confidential disclosure agreement, non-disclosure agreement, proprietary disclosure agreement or secrecy agreement. In accordance to this contract both or any one of the parties are obliged to not disclose any material, knowledge or information covered by the contract. This agreement is usually settled between two entities, Read More?

Employment Agreement Template

An employment agreement template is a document marked by a representative and his/her boss after a person opts to take a job. This format portrays the terms and conditions of the work that the representative has settled upon with the new job. An employment agreement format is pretty much like a legal contract that has been marked as a proof of good confidence between the two parties, i.e. the employer and the employee. Employment agreement samples can likewise be renewed after their expiry if a worker wishes to keep working for the similar employer. It is the right of each Read More?

Expense Control Plan Template

An expense control plan template is a document that monitors and evaluates the current expenditure of a company or an organization and devises a plan to control expenses for the future. The expense control plan is included in the business or the project management plan generated by large or small companies. These plans are being used as an effective tool to control the additional expenses and save the company huge amount of profits. Expense plans are made after series of discussions and meetings with the directors or members of the board comity. Companies or organizations might also take assistance from Read More?

Expense Voucher Template

An expense voucher template is a record given to a customer by the vendor after some sort of procurement is made. There are assortments of expense voucher formats as indicated by the kind of business or an organization. An expense voucher format must contain the logo of the organization and installment receipt number to guarantee that it has been serialized. This makes it simple for the seller to discover the record if necessary after some time. These minor however vital subtle elements guarantee both sides in circumstances of disagreement. In the event that some sort of dispute occurs between both Read More?

Crew Entertainment Expense Template

A crew entertainment expense template is an archive that accounts for all the expense made to entertain the team working on a project or the employees in a company. Employees need to be entertained on and off through a number of various ways otherwise they might get bored of the entire work load and eventually stop giving their best to the company. Crew entertainment can be given to the employees in a variety of ways, few of which might include, giving a free dinner or a party, accommodation and travel expenses to a trip, tickets to a match or a Read More?