Sample Appeal Letters

An appeal letter is written when you feel that you have treated unfairly or in a case when decision has been wrongly made against you. It is also known as letter of appeal. A well composed letter of appeal can clearly state your side of the story and may be help to overturn the decision in your favor. The letter must be written in a professional business letter pattern. Generally an appeal letter is used for providing reasons why someone should consider a decision again because you thought that the decision that is made is wrong. Major purpose of an Read More?

Sample Request letter

Request Letter Samples

A request is an act of asking politely or formally for something. A request letter is a letter in which an individual or group of people request a specific demand or respond to an appeal. When writing a request letter first step is to keep in mind exactly what it is you wish to achieve and then build your letter according to the situation. These letters should be brief, to the point and written politely. Generally these letters are used in business situations such as letter can be used for any number of conditions, including asking for a raise, requesting Read More?


Goodbye Letter Samples

A goodbye is used to express good wishes when someone leaves. A goodbye letter sample is an informal letter in which someone says goodbye before leaving for a long time or forever. Generally these letters are written to somebody you know well and wish to goodbye to. It is not easy to say goodbye to your dear ones. Always begin your goodbye letter with a friendly form of address. If you are leaving in bad situation then avoid making negative comments. A goodbye letter for an ordinary work situation is also known as farewell letters and they must be short, Read More?

Romantic-letter template

Romantic Letter Samples

A romantic letter is a creative way to express feelings and to describe your beloved in written form. Generally these letters are expressing a lover’s passion of love. These letters could be anything from a short and simple message of love to a lengthy explanation of feelings and sentiments. Writing these letters is one of the best ways to express your feelings to someone who loves you. These letters may pass through the broadest range of feelings. If you are composing a romantic letter or a romantic email to send to your love your choice of words can make or Read More?

Application Acceptance Letter Template

Acceptance Letter Samples

An acceptance letter or letter of acceptance is an official indication of successful application or offer for something. Generally these letters are written by the successful candidate formally accepting the offer of employment. It usually confirms the detail of employer offers which contains the salary package, fringe benefit, starting date of employment, detail of reporting office and the name of the senior whom candidate will be reported. The acceptance letter not only convey message but also establish a contractual relation between you and the person offering you the employment or with your organization. An acceptance letter is also applied when Read More?

Employment Agreement Template

An employment agreement template is a document marked by a representative and his/her boss after a person opts to take a job. This format portrays the terms and conditions of the work that the representative has settled upon with the new job. An employment agreement format is pretty much like a legal contract that has been marked as a proof of good confidence between the two parties, i.e. the employer and the employee. Employment agreement samples can likewise be renewed after their expiry if a worker wishes to keep working for the similar employer. It is the right of each Read More?

Expense Paid Letter Sample

A letter of expense paid sample is a document that serves as the utility of being a written instruction used for witnessing or confirming a transaction occurred in relation to an expense. Letter of expense paid can only be used for some specified purpose and not every transaction on a purchase requires its issuance. Some common examples of the kinds of transaction where a letter of expense can be generated are paying for a tourism service, education, medical expenses, food and housing, etc. Letters of expenses paid are generally issued where it is compulsory to keep a record for some Read More?