Expense Tracker Template

An expense tracker format is used to trace out the monthly or weekly expenses of a household. Expense trackers are used as a tool to keep an eye on the money spent on every item and evaluate your expenses. These track reports give you an idea of where exactly the major portion of your earnings is being spent. Keeping a track of your expenses through an expense tracker will let you control your disbursements and save some amount of money out of your earnings. If you seriously need to control your finances and do some savings then you have to add in every single one of the expenditures in your expense tracker template and sum up the total amount spent at the end of a month.

An expense tracker template can be made in a variety of different layouts depending on the amount and kind of expense categories you want to add. The template for an expense tracker includes a number of different items or the categories where your money is being spent. This can be written in the form of a list or separate columns can be allotted to each category or the item. Another column stating the mode of payment is also sometimes incorporated in the expense tracker format. The categories can be selected according to your own needs, generally these categories can include, home expenses, medical, Food, car, utilities, personal care, Giveaways or miscellaneous. Finally the monthly budget is calculated by adding up all of the individual expenses. And another column stating the difference in expenses from the previous months can be added to keep a check on whether your expenses have been raised or you are saving more.