Meeting Expense Template

A meeting expense template is a document that calculates and keeps a record of all the expense made in a meeting. Meetings are usually made to discuss or make plans for your organization or business.  Managing a gathering of people at a place for a particular amount of time requires few basic necessities to be made available which may include, food and other facilities to make the place suitable for making serious decisions. Alongside that, if meeting is being held in another country or even in another city, travelling expenses might need to be accounted for. All of these expenses can be calculated and evaluated using a meeting expense format. Meeting expense format makes this easy for you to account for all of the expenses in one go and then later take a sum of all the expenditures so as to keep them within your range.

A meeting expense template incorporates the purpose of meeting and the venue where the meeting is to be held. Date and time of the meeting are also preferably mentioned. Number of people attending the meeting is added along with the rest if the information. All of the basic utilities are added individually to the meeting expense format along with the expenditure made on them. If the meeting has to take hours, food must be provided to the people taking part in it, therefore, detailed description of the food expenses are also added to the format. If the meeting is taking place in another country or a city, total expense made on the ticket, taxi or hotel are also added to the format. Such charges are then added as per the standard rates for the specified items and the person is asked to take the services that are not too expensive.