Personal Expense Template

A personal expense report states the brief details for all the personal expenses that an individual or a family makes in a predefined time frame. A personal expense report format covers up all the expenses and gives a total sum of the amount of money spent. Personal expense reports are usually generated for monthly expenses to keep a record and to find ways to save money in future. These reports help you keep a check on your expenses and keep you from spending non-essentially. Personal expense report format can be made into a table or even a list. Sometimes banks demand personal expense reports to evaluate the expenses of a person while issuing a credit card or a loan. A personal expense report can also be presented in the court to resolve some kind of legal issues.

A personal expense report template incorporates the list of all the types of expenses made during that month along with the total amount spent on the individual causes. It is preferred that you add date or timings to the personal expense report. The name of the person entertained through the expenditures is also added to the personal expense report. The amount for all the expenditures is totaled at the end of the report. In case the personal expense report is being made for an organization or accompany, name of the company is also mentioned in the personal expense format. It is recommended that the time period for which the expenses are being calculated should be mentioned. A section for additional comments is sometimes also added to the personal expense format for stating the details of any miscellaneous expenses.